Calculators & links

Financial Planning calculators & links

Budget planner - find out where your money is going

Savings goal calculator - work out what you need to do to meet your savings goal

Net worth calculator - work out your financial position

Employer contributions calculator - check your employer is paying you the correct superannuation entitlement

Retirement planner calculator - estimate how much super you will have at retirement

Super & Age Pension calculator - find out when you can access your super and receive the Age Pension

Account based pension calculator - find out the income you'll get from super

Life insurance calculator - estimate your life insurance needs (does not include TPD, Trauma or Income Protection)

Centrelink website

Lending calculators & links

Mortgage calculator - find out what your mortgage repayments will be

Mortgage switching calculator - find out the costs of switching your mortgage

Personal/car loan calculator - find out how you can repay your loan faster

Credit card calculator - find out how to repay your credit card faster