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Accountants for good

It’s all about making a difference

For over 28 years now, we’ve been so privileged to be making a real difference in the businesses and lives of our clients, their families and their communities around the world – just see our Community page for samples of how we’ve directly helped others.

It’s something we feel great about each and every day.

But now, thanks to our Membership of Accountants for Good, we’re going way, way, way beyond that. Here’s how:

What are Accountants for Good?

As an Accountant for Good, we’re part of a select group of Accountants around the world who do things differently — very differently.

That all springs from the things we believe; from WHY we’re here for you.

Bluntly, we’re here to change lives.

We believe we’re here to make your business (and the businesses of our select clients) seriously great. And that doesn’t mean only making them more profitable, it means making them more purposeful too.

We also strive to meet the same goal ourselves – to be purposeful and profitable.

People call us ‘future-focused’, building a much better future for our clients, their families and teams AND a much better future for our world too.

The Global Goals — seventeen crucial targets which we must achieve by 2030

Accountants for good

Interestingly, acting on these targets automatically builds significantly better businesses.

We are Accountants for Good.

Connect with us in whatever way is best for you. We think you’ll love what you experience with us.

Bigger than Ourselves

When we became part of Accountants for Good, we immediately set about committing to make a real and measurable difference to our world. We did that by committing to making the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a central part of everything we do.

Since, like you, we know that each one of us is at our very best when we’re giving, we set about doing 3 specific things:

  • Every time you use one of our tax services we will donate 1% of your fee to providing food, water, access to health services or environmental causes;
  • Every time we prepare a Statement of Advice we will donate 1% of the fee to providing education for a child in need;
  • Every time we settle a lease or loan we will donate 1% of the commission to providing shelter for a family in need.

It’s a simple thing. And it’s something that’s bigger than ourselves. It doesn’t just make a difference it makes us feel great too.

You’ll see the collective impact of that below.






Going Beyond

This isn’t just about us. It’s about you — our potential and existing clients.

Via our ‘Making a REAL Difference’ service line, we show you how to do exactly the kind of things we’re doing. We make it really easy for you to make a difference in a real, measurable way too.

Here’s the really interesting thing, too — our clients tell us it helps them transform their businesses too. It helps them feel great too. We keep each other on our toes.

We’re Accountants for Good creating Businesses for Good. You might just want to try us too — what a difference we could make - together with you.

To find out more information about the Sustainable Development Goals and Accountants for Good we invite you to view the following videos:

Accountants for good

It's your time. 

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