Know where your business stands at any time

One of the most certain things in life is that nothing is certain.

What if something happened to you and you were unable to work? Would your staff or family be able to understand who owes you money, who you need to pay and what your business tax position is?

Another issue we often find is that many business owners get stuck with the ‘admin’ of their business and are not able to spend time doing what they do best – generating income. You may find that your week consists of working ‘on the job’ and that your weekend is spent issuing invoices, reconciling bank statements and collating expenses.

Whether you are a professional, tradie or other business we are able to help you with your bookkeeping. 

Melissa Donaghay is our bookkeeping specialist at Assured Business & Wealth Advisors Pty Ltd. She has a wide range of experience in Accounting matters and specifically bookkeeping. She is a Xero Certified Adviser and will be able to help you streamline your bookkeeping and make your life easier!

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